£30- 2 Hour session- including all the kit!

First time surfer? Let our experienced and highly qualified instructors get to work and introduce you to the world of wave riding. They’ll be right there by your side in the surf giving you loads of help and encouragement. You’ll be stoked at what you can achieve in two hours… most of our students stand in the first lesson!!

All of our lessons allow at least two hours instruction time with our experienced and highly qualified instructors (Surfing GB). Although these are group lessons, instruction is very individual and suited to your needs. Go at your own pace. Lessons are challenging but always great fun.

We supply all the equipment you need with the best quality wetsuits to keep you toastie and the most appropriate boards for your size and ability.

All you need to bring is a towel, some waterproof sunscreen, endless enthusiasm and a good sense of humour. We’ll do the rest!

Content: Catching waves; standing up; controlling the board; basic surf safety

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