A bit about our history…

ourhistory 2

This was the very first time we pulled onto the beach in 1995. We didn’t know anyone – we’d just done our research the previous summer and checked it out whilst working for Outdoor Adventure in Bude. We arrived with the help of a start up grant from the Princes Youth Business Trust – an organisation that was to support us for many years to come. Although a few people had offered casual surfing lessons, we were the first school to set up camp.

Oh dear! Well we thought at the time we looked pretty cool. Hard to believe that I had a full head of hair back then!

The journey began over the Easter holiday in 1995. We drove onto the beach with the trailer and sat there for a couple of days. No enquiries, no-one came up to ask. And then on the third day, Colin from Woking came up and became our first client. It was such a big deal and to this day we still see him on the beach. The following day we taught a couple of families – and so it rolled on. Many of these clients are still very good friends of ours today.

Amazingly this photo was taken from the Beach House that we were to buy some 13 years later. Our position on the beach has remained the same since the day we started.

And here we are some 22 years later!