Once your basic skills are set and your confidence is building , hire some gear and go practice, practice, practice!

We’ve got all the neoprene to make Cornwall feel like Barbados and keep you nice and toasty.

We also have a range of surfboards in all different shapes and sizes. From your standard old faithful Swell foam board, for the perfect Swelly sesh’- through to our exclusive range of Jamie O’Brien’s Catch Surf  slick boards with FCS fins for a more progressive ride. We are the first test centre for Catch Surf boards, so come along and give one a try.

To hire just head long to base camp on the deck and speak with one of the team 🙂

Hour Day Week
  • Wetsuit
£6 £15 £45
  • Surfboard
£6 £20 £75
  •  Gloves
£3 £6
  •  Boots
£3 £6
  •  Hoods
£3 £6

*We require a driving license or a bank card as a form of deposit and customers are held liable for any damage to any of the equipment.