About our Surf School…


Riding one wave can change your life forever. Gripping your mind it becomes addictive; it is the ultimate distraction from everyday life.

Surf’s Up! is recognised as the number one surf training centre in the U.K. And how good is our coaching? Well just ask one of the many surfers we have taught to surf over the last 25 years, all of whom have left our sessions with a smile, and most have taken their technique to the next level and are still totally hooked on riding the waves. The quality of our coaching is why top local surfers choose to be coached here. This is also why our surf club for the local kids, the Surf’s Up Boardriders, has five junior surfers who will compete as part of the British team in 2009.

This year Wailin will be running the beach again and he has put together the strongest team of surf coaches ever assembled on the beach. This really is the Surf’s Up “Dream Team” and their experience and enthusiasm will be unrivalled throughout the U.K. and possibly the world! Their commitment to their chosen sport is all consuming and totally infectious. Throughout the season you’ll be able to absorb some of this passion and you’ll notice a lot of familiar faces returning to Coach at surf’s Up this year.

All of our instructors, in addition to being Surfing England/ISA qualified and trained beach lifeguards, are committed to constantly improving their own surfing.

Now don’t panic if you are not quite at high level improver level yet! All of the coaching a Surf’s Up is seriously cutting edge. The lessons are entertaining in their own right and packed with activities to get you ripping in the shortest possible time. You might find yourself catching tennis balls with while you surf with Josh, or perfecting the perfect iron cross manoeuvre with Wailin! What ever form the coaching takes it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! And we’ll be right there with you giving tips, encouraging you and loving every minute of it. In every one of our instructors you’ll notice a real desire to help you achieve above and beyond that of which you think your capable of!

So whatever you’re level of surfing you’re at, from beginner to advanced, Surf’s Up has the perfect coaching session for you!


Covid restrictions are not applicable at the moment. However we have kept some of the operating procedures in place from that time because we found they made us more efficient and improved our service. What’s not to love?

Hope that answers any questions you may have – 07760 126225 to book or for additional help.